2018 Mid-Year Celebration Recap

2018 Mid-Year
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”35897″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]More than just an ordinary company retreat, Willmeng Construction’s annual trip to Flagstaff, Ariz. each year with all of its employees and their families is much more of a “Mid-Year Celebration” with an event-filled weekend of relaxation, awards, entertainment, games, good eats, reflection on the company’s culture and lots of laughs.

It was established to reward employees and the families that support them throughout the year. Our Mid-Year Retreat also serves as an opportunity to get to know each other better outside of work. Each year, employees and their families leave with a new level of respect and understanding of what their fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives do at Willmeng and how that’s making a difference in our communities.

“We feel the intent of this event is to bring the employees and family’s to one location and allow them to get to know each other over a casual weekend of fun. This not only builds new friendships,” says Chris Albus, operations support manager at Willmeng, “it allows Willmeng to recognize the employees in a special way but this could not be done without the planning committee. It is amazing how this team can put together this retreat and have 275 people walk away with the biggest smile you have ever seen.”

More than 275 people attended this year’s mid-year retreat from August 3-5 at The Little American Hotel in Flagstaff. Throughout the weekend, employees and families participated in team competitions, hikes, fishing, and an award ceremony among other things.

“Mountains were moved yet again this year! It was no small effort by our party planning committee to ensure our 275 VIPs felt valued and well cared for in Flagstaff. Megan Mongelli, Tom Jarvis, Arun Ghosh, Sonia Fitzgerald, Ashley Colaizzi, Ashley Trejo planned and executed a truly memorable event,” said Krystal Book, marketing manager for Willmeng.

The first night started with a welcome from Willmeng leadership that included new employee introductions and a referral raffle. Then everyone gathered outside under the stars for a Willmeng video viewing party with a leadership team panel discussion.

The second day consisted of a Harry Potter themed competition with field games such as cornhole, egg balance races, water balloon tosses and more. $5,500 worth of prize money was awarded to the first, second and third place teams of the cornhole tournament along with prizes for the House team winner of the entire weekend’s competition.

That evening, Willmeng hosted its “Make It Happen” Company Awards to recognize the outstanding efforts of many employees throughout the year. The full list of winners that “make it happen” can be found below the recap video.

Willmeng kids aged 5 months to 17 had their own fun under the supervision of trained babysitters, of course, hired by Willmeng. From inflatables and bouncers to games and crafts, the “Kid’s Experience” had no shortage of fun things to keep the children entertained, including special appearances from Disney Princesses, The Amazing Spiderman, a face painter, balloon twister and magician. On the third day, kids were invited to participate in a fishing competition for prizes at the Francis Short Pond.

By the time the weekend concluded, many employees also participated in an optional wellness hike of the Elden Trail, more specifically the Fatmans Loop Trail No. 25, with scenic overlooks of Flagstaff before turning to the Valley.

Albus adds on the way home on Sunday, his seven-year-old said, “Dad this was the best time; can you tell your boss, ‘thank you for all the cool stuff to do?'”

See more photos of the mid-year retreat from Willmeng’s Facebook page here. Be sure to like, comment and share your favorites!

Willmeng 2018 Mid-Year Retreat Recap from Willmeng on Vimeo.

Willmeng Construction’s “Make It Happen” Award Winners include: 

Negotiated Ground Up of the Year: Gilbert Christian School – Greenfield Campus
Team: Vickie Sweat, James Murphy, Isam Ghandour, Chris Brown, Keith Sabia, Bobby Camou, Mladen Zec, Richard Meyer, Martin McLaughlin, Jason Alvarado, Eli Newton, and Juan Palma.

Negotiated GMP TI of the Year: American Airlines Mezzanine Admin/Office Remodel
Terry Rubenalt, Keith Sabia, Kevin Baehr, Tino Hernandez, Veronica Davis, and Chris Brown.

Qualification Based Project of the Year: Dolphin Casting
Karen Harton, Thomas Jarvis, James Murphy, Mike Mongelli, Trevor Stantus, Michael Hudson, Mike Sesma, Nathan Pope, Steve Scharboneau, Richard Leon, Kotresha Mmj, Patrick Gleason, Wayne Kuns, Bill Webb, Juan Palma, Gail Randolph, and Chris Brown.

Hard Bid Project of the Year: Kyrene 202
Victoria Upshaw, Thomas Jarvis, James Murphy, Ken Carter, Isam Ghandour, Cody Phelan, Jon Anderson, Roger McCoy, Mike Urman, Miranda Retelle, and Richard Meyer.

Individual Community Service Award: Gail Randolph, Veronica Davis

Group Effort Community Service Award: Patrick Smith

Cultural Teammate of the Year: Tino Hernandez

Standout Teammate: Arun Ghosh

Developing Others: Keith Sabia

Teacher/Mentor of the Year: Veronica Davis

Department of the Year: Marketing
Team: Thomas Jarvis, James Murphy, Krystal Book, Megan Mongelli, Sonia Fitzgerald, Ashley Trejo, Keyvan Ghahreman, Audra Drosos, Ashley Colaizzi, and Small Giants.

Gary Goodwin Safety Award of the Year: Kevin Baehr

Job Safety Award of the Year: San Antonio BASIS
Team: James Murphy, Isam Ghandour, Keith Sabia, Jason Alvarado, Johnathan Alvarado, Sara Olson, Myra Padron, Tino Hernandez, Richard Meyer, Luke Roach, Scott Loundermilk, John Bingham, and Jessica Zygmont

Fast Track Project of the Year: FOH Production
Team: Jacob Daniels, Thomas Jarvis, Arun Ghosh, Cody Phelan, Bobby Camou, Miranda Retelle,Patrick Gleason, Dan Roelle, Dean Lutgen, Wayne Kunz, Ceira Doss, Craig Waymire, and Renee Hurtado.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_media_grid style=”load-more” items_per_page=”6″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1561150785487-d6268f42-2ea6-4″ include=”35903,35902,35901,35900,35899,35898,35897,35896,35895,35894,35893,35892,35891,35890,35889,35888,35887,35886,35885,35884,35883″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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