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Parrish Rowland
“I value character above all else and I’m determined to treat others how they wish to be treated, with fairness, kindness and honesty.”

Parrish Rowland

JOC Division Manager

Growing up in Orange, California, Parrish is a third-generation contractor, licensed in the state of California and Arizona. Parrish’s early experience revolved around residential construction, which continued into working for a commercial signage company, where they hired Parrish to oversee sign installation and project management for national entities such as Best Western, ARCO, Ramada Inn, Bank of American, and Wells Fargo Bank.

From there, Parrish went on to manage bank conversions, ensuring branding elements were illustrated through interior remodeling with Fluoresco Construction Services. While visiting friends in Arizona in the early 2000’s, he was attracted to the Valley by its affordable cost of living and construction opportunity. In 2004, Parrish made the move as Fluoresco Construction Services’ Vice President of Construction, opening a new operating facility in Arizona.

Parrish’s vast experience of building JOC divisions within a company led him to build several JOC programs within the construction industry. With over 15 years managing and executing state, county and city JOC programs, Parrish uses his vision and business knowledge to build highly successful JOC programs. His ability to teach others, operate efficiently, and keep things simple for the field is what make him a successful JOC Division Manager at Willmeng.

Parrish is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration and Project Management from Northern Arizona University and remains closely involved with the Center for JOC Excellence, serving as a national board member since 2017.

He values character above all else and is determined to treat others how they wish to be treated, with fairness, kindness and honesty. A fun fact is that when Parrish was in his late teens, he was in a heavy metal rock band. Although Parrish still loves playing the guitar, he switched hobbies during his mid-twenties to become a real-life ninja. He has studied the art of ninjutsu since 1990 and is still considered a pupil of the grand master in Japan. At one point, Parrish had his own martial arts school in Orange, California and in North Phoenix where he taught combat guerilla warfare fighting and self-defense. Now, Parrish keeps busy spending time with his wife and raising his two sons, Peyton and Preston.