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Arizona Community Foundation’s Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy BOOST Prize

We are so honored to have been awarded the BOOST! prize from Arizona Community Foundation’s Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy at the Phoenix Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy Awards event. Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA, a unique publishing and printing company, and Willmeng Construction Inc. each received $40,000 to boost their efforts as good corporate citizens.

“The leaders of these two businesses—Independent Newsmedia and Willmeng Construction—not only see the value in corporate philanthropy for their communities and their businesses,” says Fred Pakis, who co-founded Scottsdale-based JDA Software in 1985 and founded the Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy at ACF. “They recognize how their efforts can be amplified by formalizing their corporate philanthropy initiatives.”

Willmeng’s operations reflect three fundamental principles: client service, community growth and service, and fostering an altruistic service culture. As an organization, our employees are our greatest asset; we deliberately align with philanthropic efforts to achieve the higher good of serving and improving the community.

Willmeng will use the $40,000 BOOST! Prize to formalize our corporate giving program, support our growing employee base, and structure a program where our nearly 30 percent ASU Alumni employee base can mentor and encourage students as they enter the construction workforce. Through the program, we will provide résumé and interview training for a successful job search and presentations to seniors in local high schools about the promising future available in construction/commercial real estate in Arizona. Finally, employees will have the opportunity to identify local non-profit projects potentially requiring construction expertise and provide associations in need with financial or labor assistance.

“Most people understand the many ways in which corporate philanthropy is good for our communities. Strong executives know it’s also good for business, helping companies maintain an engaged and productive workforce, improving employee recruitment and retention, and enhancing their reputation in the community,” says Pakis.

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