1702 E Highland Ave #400, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Avella Specialty Pharmacy

Willmeng recently completed a tenant improvement project for Avella, a 48,000 SF specialty pharmacy in Phoenix. Avella is a national company on the forefront of supplying the newest and most advanced medical drug therapies for complex issues including cancer, addiction, hepatitis, HIV, infertility and ophthalmology.

After expectations were set, timelines were arranged, must-have items were secured and the proper team was formed, construction on the fulfillment center update began.

According to Trevor Stantus, project manager, “the biggest challenge with Avella was perfecting the balance of relative humidity, pressures, air changes and the volume of airflow of the ISO 7/ 8, 503B clean room.” ISO cleanroom classifications are rated by the International Standards Organization according to how much particulate of specific sizes exist per cubic meter.

The Plascore Pharma System walls of the clean room, designed for the most stringent medical research and aseptic process applications, were one of the project’s most unique aspects. The coved base, wall intersections and ceiling transitions allow individuals to clean the wall with just one swipe.

Avella, which is headquartered in Phoenix, is the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy’s (NASP) 2016 Specialty Pharmacy of the Year recipient and has been listed as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing companies in America each year since 2006.

“The facility’s expansion, work flow improvements and updated technology allows Avella to increase the volume of product they create, package, and fulfill for their clients,” said Stantus. Other key members of the Willmeng team include Chris Brown, estimator; Bryan Rodriguez, superintendent; and Gail Randolph, construction administrator.

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