1702 E Highland Ave #400, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Biltmore Financial Center

Willmeng has wrapped up major courtyard enhancements at Biltmore Financial Center that will help the building attract new tenants with Millennial employees.

The $1.2 million project, which commenced in June 2016, was a complete remodel of the existing courtyard which sits over a parking garage. The modified space includes an elegant water feature, defined portico building entries and an overall modern common area, which Willmeng foresees will be very active with tenant employees.

Facilitating heavy construction work in an occupied space often poses a challenge, so two project superintendents, Steve Scharboneau and Kirk Hill, were assigned to work with the client, tenant, designers and the city to ensure that the project surpassed expectations without delaying the area’s daily activities. To avoid hindering a peaceful work environment, demolition, earthwork excavation, grading and concrete work were completed over the weekend and after or before business hours.

Throughout the project, there were unforeseen obstacles related to what was beneath the concrete slab. “In most cases, beneath the concrete slab was a bed of gravel and dirt, and underneath the gravel was another thick slab of concrete that was the parking garage,” said Thomas Fyffe, assistant project manager.  “Waterproofing, structural supports, and landscaping of the new design was critical throughout the project. Every excavation location required an in-depth investigation of the existing conditions.” From there, Willmeng worked with all parties to ensure a successful project.

In addition to the project’s superintendents and project manager, Willmeng team members include Cody Phelan, principal in charge and Renee Hurtado, project engineer. DAVIS Architects and developer Via West Properties also assisted Willmeng in the project’s success.

Other recent Willmeng projects in the Biltmore area include the Courtyard on Biltmore, where Willmeng upgraded the café, gym, lobbies, conference room and central hub business center. Willmeng looks forward to additional projects in the Biltmore area in 2017.

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