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Cameron Colvin hosts First Annual Project Catwalk Fashion Showcase

On July 14, Willmeng Construction participated in the First Annual Project Catwalk Showcase, an anti-bullying youth fashion show hosted by non-profits Linking Sports and Communities (LSC) and Tiny Be Mighty (TBM). The purpose of the event was “to showcase to the world the importance of moving from a non-judgmental space when encountering diversity”.

President of LSC Cameron Colvin hosted the event as part of his continued greater mission of community outreach by linking communities together through sports and its youth. From his humble beginnings as a star football player in high school all the way into the NFL, Colvin has evolved from athlete to executive and nonprofit leader. Now at the helm of LSC, he assists in empowering future leaders through events like the Project Catwalk Showcase.

“The Anti-Bullying Youth Fashion Show was great,” said Renee Hurtado, construction administrator at Willmeng. “My 9-year-old daughter and I attended, and she was inspired to get involved and walk the cat-walk. It was amazing to see those kids come out there with such confidence and bravery.”

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