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Congratulations AGUILA Youth Institute Graduates

For today’s #CharitySpotlight, Willmeng wants to congratulate this year’s AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute high school graduates. Over the next coming weeks, many AGUILA students will be graduating the program and gearing up for their first year of college.

Willmeng project manager, Pablo Sandoval, is one of more than 1,300 examples of students that have benefited from AGUILA, which he credits for helping him obtain his college degree. Over the years, Sandoval has spoken at numerous AGUILA events, served on the board, and spent time as a faculty member. It was his passion and knowledge of AGUILA that inspired Willmeng to become a supporter starting in 2013. We are thankful for the ability to show our continued support.

In 2018, James Murphy, was recognized by AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute as a sponsor who demonstrates commitment and dedication as a leader in the community and sets the bar for how other private companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals can assist in creating opportunities for young leaders. During the 2018, award ceremony, James Murphy invited Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) President and CEO, to share his commitment to education and the understanding of its effects on the economy. Prior to leading 2018’s top economic development organization in the United States, Camacho spent four years in Yuma working on economic development strategy and bi-national work before moving to Phoenix.

“The future economic disposition of markets, regions, and states is predicated on how we produce people across all equity pathways,” he explained. “I believe the nexus of innovation, coupled with our ability to export products, and ability to produce people is the 21st century economic equation — but you can’t leave any one of those segments out.” Looking ahead, Camacho is convinced “Arizona will be the most dynamic economy in the U.S. by 2040,” as long as organizations like AGUILA and business leaders like James Murphy continue to lead the charge through a commitment to education and finding more alternative and direct pathways for producing talented people.

The AGUILA program allows for 9-12th grade students to attend monthly seminars with a focus on personal growth, leadership and college or career preparation enhanced with related activities, events and experiences. Students are exposed to many local and national leaders, educators, resources, programs and organizations providing additional support toward academic, personal and professional goals. Recognizing the need to prepare for high school success placing students on a college pathway, AGUILA reinstated the Academy in 2014. The Academy is an 8th grade program originally developed in 2009 by an AGUILA Alum and currently serves 600 students in 4 school districts. To learn more about the program and to become involved, visit aguilayouth.org.

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