1702 E Highland Ave #400, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Esplanade Courtyard

Willmeng has wrapped up a complete renovation of Camelback Esplanade courtyard, serving as a recreation area to employees of tenants such as CBRE, VanTrust Real Estate and Tiffany & Bosco.

“This project is in a highly visible area of Phoenix, and the transformation of the courtyard provides the complex with a modern exterior venue that will attract future tenants,” said Willmeng Project Manager, Cody Phelan. Phelan noted that the courtyard had not been updated since the original towers were built nearly three decades ago in 1990. 

Key project features include the demolition of the existing fountain, and the installation of new landscape, hardscapes, shade canopies, handrails and lighting throughout. Misting systems were improved, stucco and site walls were refinished and the existing façade of retail areas were updated.

“Existing conditions created challenges throughout the project, but were dealt with as they were uncovered,” said Phelan. “Working above an underground parking garage creates some challenges, but the project was a success overall.”

In addition to Phelan, key Willmeng project team members include Project Manager, Tom Fyffe; Project Engineer, Craig Waymire; Superintendent, Bill Bennier; and Superintendent, Patrick Gleason. Gensler & Associates was the project architect, and LBA Realty was the developer, a firm that Willmeng has worked with on many projects.

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