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Fighter Country – Renovation of Luke Air Force Base Fire Station

Willmeng Construction was recently recognized for the renovation of a fire station at Luke Air Force Base. The work was completed through a partnership with Fighter Country, a nonprofit organization supporting families and programs no longer receiving government funding at Luke.

“Community involvement is a significant part of the Willmeng culture and a cornerstone of our corporate plan,” said James Murphy, President of Willmeng.  He added, “Supporting the community that we live in is a part of who we are.”

Over the years, Willmeng has become aware and involved in the Fighter Country Partnership, first sponsoring golf tournaments and then growing the partnership from there.  Willmeng was approached to remodel the fire station last year.  The new upgrades include dorm-style rooms to enable the fire fighters to stay at the facility for 24-hour shifts.

Murphy says, “The amount of direct involvement that Willmeng had with the Fire Chief, the fire fighters, and the staff at the Luke Air Force Base confirmed that we selected the right not-for-profit to support in the Fighter Country Partnership.  We could not have had a better client.  The staff could not have been more appreciative or deserving of our work.  The project was truly an honor for the Willmeng Construction team.”

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