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Gilbert Christian School

Gilbert Christian School concluded its first school year this May at its new 9-acre Gilbert Christian Greenfield Campus.

Gilbert Christian School – Gift Video from Willmeng on Vimeo.

September 2017: The project was completed successfully and on time! View the final product photos above.

May 31, 2017: Willmeng is nearing the final stages of a nearly 9-acre  new campus for Gilbert Christian School (GCS). The Greenfield Campus construction began in early October and is scheduled to wrap up in late July 2017, just in time for the school year to begin.

The K-8 school will consist of four buildings, totaling 60,000-square-feet, that feature classrooms for all nine grades, a gymnasium with lockers and restrooms, a multipurpose room, music, art, and special educations rooms, administration and conference spaces, and a cafeteria kitchen. The enclosed and secured site will also have a full staff and visitor parking lot, sports fields, basketball courts, and a playground.

A unique feature is the incorporation of a school bell tower at the entry. “The refurbished bell is coming from the East Coast and is approximately 100 years old, representing a time where schools were known for having bells, much like a church was identified by its steeple,” said Keith Sabia, principal in charge.

According to Sabia, the project’s construction features specially designed and ordered concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls, a wood and steel roof, and high level masonry exterior finishes that are complemented by stone veneer and wood siding treatments.

Willmeng is working with Deutsch Architecture Group to execute the project. Key Willmeng team members include Jason Alvarado, project manager; Mike Keller, preconstruction manager; and Caleb Heinold, project engineer.

It is always a pleasure to build a facility that has a goal to educate our children,” said Sabia.

View a time lapse of the project to see how far we’ve come, and visit Gilbert Christian School’s website for an interview with James Murphy on how Willmeng was selected for the project and additional information on how the project is coming along.

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