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“Healthy Competition” at Willmeng

Willmeng recently launched an employee wellness competition that divides 60 participants into groups with team captains. Each employee and family member willing to commit to the challenge was provided with a Fitbit Charge 2 to monitor daily steps, distance and activity levels.

“We like to do an annual review of personal and professional goals, and in the last three years we have found that people make it a personal goal to be healthy and to start getting fit,” said Willmeng Vice President, Isam Ghandour. He says that at each evaluation, not many people had made progress, so the program was launched to help hold teammates accountable. “When you have other people watching your fitness and competing against you, you tend to focus on your goals more.”

The 12-week competition will track activity in phases. “Four weeks for steps, four weeks for distance and four weeks for active minutes,” said Ghandour. At the very end of the competition, every teammate on the winning team will receive a prize – as if getting into the shape of their lives isn’t prize enough!

“This competition is bringing out the competitive side of me,” said Tom Fyffe, project manager. “It has been exciting and encouraging, and I’ve lost 19 pounds already, which is halfway towards my personal goal.”

So far, the teams have hiked ‘A’ Mountain at Hayden Butte in Tempe, and also participated in Teal Trek, a walk that raises funds to fight against ovarian cancer. In addition, a nutrition expert will come to Willmeng to give participants tips on how to eat well and make healthy choices.

“This competition has been a great tool to get us all motivated and energized,” said Renee Hurtado, construction administrator. “It has brought awareness to the office of each one of our fitness levels and goals, and has pushed me to join a boot camp and stay physically active. I now have a passion for hiking and wanting to explore more of Arizona. We are all inspiring each other.”

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