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Maricopa Fire Admin Building Groundbreaking

Last Thursday, July 25th, Willmeng broke ground on a new Admin building for the City of Maricopa Fire Department. On the Northwest corner of Garvey and Estrella, Willmeng will construct from the ground up a new Fire-Medical Administration Facility, complete with required infrastructure, floor space, storage, technology, and environmental features to provide a reliable, efficient, safe and secure facility to meet the demands of the city.


Speakers at the groundbreaking ceremony included Chief Deputy, Brad Pitassi; Vice Mayor, Henry Wade; City Councilmembers, Marvin Brown and Julia Gusse; City Manager, Rick Horst; Willmeng CEO, James Murphy; Perlman Representative, Gerrald Adams and Fire Chief, Brady Leffler.


Fire department employees, police offices, city council people, friends and family showed their support at the event. Willmeng team members in attendance were Keith Sabia, Eli Newton, Jason Alvarado, Mladen Zec, Isam Ghandour, and Kishan Vekaria.


The building will be completed in April 2020. See our other groundbreaking events and fire industry projects.

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