1702 E Highland Ave #400, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Peddler’s Sons Produce Facility

Size: 56,168 SF
Type of Contract: 
Cost Plus
Construction Team: James Murphy
Project Description: Peddler’s Sons Produce is a 56,168 SF conversion of the existing building from typical warehouse space to a refrigerated and freezer food storage and distribution facility. The new facility for Peddler’s Sons allows for the expansion of this local business from 17,000 SF to 56,000 SF. The existing building was vacated and this was an adaptive re-use that fulfilled the Owner’s needs. The existing structure was not originally designed with sufficient capacity to handle the new loads imposed by the HVAC equipment and Cooler Panels. To mitigate this issue the structure foundations and steel columns were reinforced. The power demands were greater that the existing capacity; new electrical service was installed to give the needed amperage for this use.
Peddler’s Son Produce and Provisions

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