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Supporting Youth Sports Leagues

Whether it’s through donations to local charities, sponsoring employees’ H-1B work visas or volunteering with local youth sports leagues, giving back to the community and supporting its employees (including their families) remain important cultural cornerstones at Willmeng Construction.

Over the years, Willmeng has sponsored a range of youth sports teams on behalf of its employees including soccer, baseball, softball, football and archery. It’s just one example how Willmeng continues to reinvest in its employees, their families and local communities. Last year, Willmeng sponsored Red Mountain Little League in Mesa and for the Spring 2017 season, Red Mountain High School’s JV Softball/Baseball Field was nicknamed the “Willmeng Construction Field.”

In addition to sponsoring the Red Mountain Little League again this year, Willmeng also sponsored the soccer team of Project Manager Dean Lutgen’s daughter among other sports leagues for employees’ children. Lutgen approached President James Murphy last year about sponsoring the team, and remembers getting his full support “without hesitation.” Project Superintendent Don Gleash says, Willmeng’s sponsorship of his son Frankie’s team at Shaw Butte Little League and freshman football team at Centennial High School “makes it possible for the community to keep these programs running.

These sponsorships consists of financial support for various team needs such as tournament fees, travel expenses, equipment and more. In return, Willmeng’s logo can be seen on the backs of the players’ jerseys or a banner on the field, but the company’s real motivation is to provide a community atmosphere that promotes character development, teamwork and sportsmanship for today’s youths.

Willmeng sponsored youth sports leagues since 2016 include:
Red Mountain Little League
Shaw Butte Little League
Sytsa-08 Girls Blue
Highley Unified School District Sports Program
Centennial High School Freshman Football Team
ACE Baseball
Phoenix Heat

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