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Thank you for your service Willmeng veterans

Louis D. Brandeis said, “Those who won our Independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” That is why on Independence Day we would like to recognize all military members and veterans who served and sacrificed to preserve our freedom. As we remember those men and women, Willmeng Construction would like to extent its deepest appreciation and thanks to all the Willmeng employees from different branches of the United States military that have served to protect U.S. freedoms and way of life.

Among the military veterans currently working for Willmeng is Luke Roach, superintendent for a charter school project in San Antonio, Texas. In a recent article, he spoke about his 10-year career in the Army, three tours in Iraq, his Purple Heart and how construction made his transition into civilian life much easier. Roach believes if more veterans get involved with construction, it would help a lot of them transition from military-to-civilian life more easily.

Willmeng employees who have served:
Rick Meyer
Steve Scharboneau
John Bingham
Jacob Dittbrenner
Marvin Campbell
Craig Maymire
Mike Sesma
Luke Roach
Thomas Fyffe
Bobby Camou
Ron Patterson

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