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The Chandler Compadres Host The Glammy’s

Willmeng attended Rock the Cause, a charitable event at Rawhide hosted by the Chandler Compadres in support of the organization’s many beneficiaries.

The Chandler Compadres are a non-profit, charitable group founded in 1980 that has spent over three decades donating their time, resources, talents and money to help families and more than 5,000 children in the East Valley. Throughout the years, the group has donated $7.5 million to support the Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley, Chandler Christian Community Center, Chandler Education Foundation, Chandler Food Bank, Fans Across America and ICAN Positive Program for Youth.

Our client, Kieckhefer Properties, whose general managers are members of the Chandler Compadres, have allowed us to sponsor and attend the amazing event for the last three years. We could not be more honored to support the organization and its many causes.

In attendance from Willmeng were Krystal Book, Veronica Davis, Arun Ghosh, Tino Hernandez, Megan Mongelli and Frankie Solis. Solis’s guest almost won a 2017 2SS V8 Camaro! There was hardly any time to fret because Rock Lobster cover band put us all in a groovy mood and we danced the night away!

To get involved with the Chandler Compadres and all the good that they do, visit chandlercompadres.org.

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