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Topgolf with the DEL Foundation

Willmeng recently had the pleasure of supporting the DEL Foundation at Scottsdale’s Top Golf. The DEL Foundation was founded by Jeremy Lear, Principal at Evolution Design, Inc., in an effort to remember his father, Darrell Eugene Lear who battled with cancer, and to raise proceeds for cancer fighting organizations.

“My father just didn’t want to be forgotten, plain and simple – so I am doing what I can to keep his memory and legacy alive,” said Lear. “My father was not a real good golfer, but he liked to play. It was always a great way for us to spend quality time together.”

The event was an absolute success with 75 players and spectators in attendance and over 15 donors participating from near and far. The organization raised $4,000, all of which will support cancer research through the American Cancer Society. “Thus far, the turnout has been nothing short of fantastic – it can humble a person very quickly, as it continues to grow year by year,” said Lear.

As if hitting some golf balls on a Saturday wasn’t fun enough, the event was complete with a breakfast buffet, complimentary drinks and a professional instructor! Ten bays at the Top Golf location were filled for the event, three of which were comprised solely of Willmeng employees! Willmeng Superintendents Don Gleash and Jason Wilhelm won the tournament for their bays.

“As a team, Willmeng is committed to do more than just our share in the community each and every year” said Willmeng President, James Murphy. “When one of our industry partners (which inevitably means close friends) leads a great cause, our support is literally automatic.”

Willmeng extends a huge thank you to Lear for facilitating such a phenomenal event and for allowing us to support the cause. Murphy noted that Willmeng will continue to support the DEL Foundation, saying that, “It’s very easy to support a great person who is leading a foundation that makes a difference.”

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