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Toy Closet at Cardon Children’s Dedicated to Child of Willmeng Construction Inc.’s President

Toy Closet At Cardon Children’s

The fifth floor toy closet at Cardon Children’s Medical Center has been dedicated for the second time within a three-year period to Audrey Jane Murphy, former patient of Cardon Children’s and daughter of Willmeng Construction Inc.’s President, James Murphy.

Organized through donations made to the Banner Foundation through the annual Help Fill the Toy Closet Golf Tournament and stocked by a dedicated Child Life department, the toy closet will bring joy to thousands of children following painful procedures or treatments that they have undergone.

Kelli Marshall, a Help Fill the Toy Closet Golf Tournament committee member and senior administrative assistant at Cardon Children’s / Banner Desert, says Willmeng’s donated books and toys help develop the children’s brains and cultivate learning through technology. “Willmeng’s generosity, commitment and love displayed through giving over the last several years is amazing and greatly appreciated by the children,” she said.

Audrey, born at 1 lb., 10 oz. spent the first five months of her life in the NICU unit at Cardon Children’s before becoming the first baby ever to be discharged with an oxygen requirement of just two liters per minute. “If we went into that unit today, we would know everyone because at one time we were a fixture there,” said James. “Willmeng continues to support Cardon Children’s because we have seen firsthand how these closets afford the kids a moment of peace and happiness during some very trying times.”

On Jan. 11, 2017, Audrey underwent her final medical procedure – the removal of her feeding tube. “[Before the appointment] I was really scared, but when I laid down and took a deep breath I felt better,” said six-year-old Audrey Murphy, who was pleased to have the tube out and even more happy to receive a toy immediately after. “I will not be afraid if I have to go back!”

“These toys resonate with the kids on the heels of their procedure, which catapults the toy experience to a higher level,” said James. In addition to being a platinum sponsor of the toy closet, Willmeng’s employees hold an annual in-house toy drive to show their support and to keep the closet fully stocked year round

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