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Willmeng Delivers Mask Manufacturing Facility for KBR, Inc. in Record Time

Under a tremendously tight deadline, Willmeng partnered with Prologis, Deutsch Architecture Group and the City of Phoenix to deliver a 211,208 SF tenant improvement project for KBR, Inc. This facility was designed and built to help KBR accomplish the goal of producing surgical masks – making a direct impact on the lives of many Americans during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Phase one of this project consisted of building-out the manufacturing portion of the facility as quickly as possible. Through meeting with the City of Phoenix (AFP), we collaborated to find a way to start the project without having a completed design. Yet, due to the timely nature of this facility in serving the needs of the entire Valley, Willmeng received approval to begin construction on August 26, from the City of Phoenix.

Willmeng ultimately handed over phase one of this project on September 14, only two and a half weeks after construction began! KBR immediately began production, while Willlmeng continued to work on adding storage in phase two which was completed this November.

This tenant improvement project was an entire team effort as it marks one of the fastest project turn-arounds Willmeng has ever accomplished, with a timeframe of two and a half weeks.

“The biggest challenge of this project was accomplishing the tenant’s requirements in order to give them operational capability by September 14, 2020. This required us to live-out our core values daily, and always keep our culture at the forefront,” shared Cody Phelan, Willmeng Chief Operations Officer. “By breaking this project up into two phases, we were able to complete the production side first allowing mask manufacturing to begin, with the second phase for storage completed shortly thereafter.”

Willmeng is thankful for all of the project partners who collaborated to achieve this impeccable deadline. Without the assistance and buy-in from the City of Phoenix, an amazing design staff, and subcontractors this timeframe would not have been achievable.

With the facility up and running, Willmeng invites you to take a moment to watch the short clip on how creative collaboration results in meeting some of the tightest deadlines.

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