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Willmeng Employees Exceed Donation Goal for BGCEV’s Great Future for Kids Campaign

In May 2017, Willmeng and its employees set a goal to raise $5,000 by June 30 for the Great Future for Kids Campaign by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley (BGCEV). According to the organization, the program is designed to ensure that BGCEV programs and services are available to children and families who come to them, especially when the individuals lack financial resources. “These are the kids that need the club support and guidance the most,” said Willmeng President, James Murphy.

With progress being tracked on a paper thermometer, just four days before the campaign ended Willmeng was $575 short of the goal. The team rallied together, and by June 30, more than 40 Willmeng employees had raised $6,280 – nearly $2,000 more than what the team had set out to raise.

“Meeting our $5,000 goal would have effectively provided 200 youth with club memberships for an entire year,” said Murphy. “Our impact was greater than our goal – doing more than our share is what we’re all about.”

“This is a great organization that really helps young men and women succeed in life,” said Jake Daniels, contracts administrator, who says he spent time at the Boys & Girls Club as a child. “You can see in their faces how grateful they are to be part of the club. It’s a safe place for them.”

Willmeng employees enjoy participating annually. “We all need a little help to get through life and achieve our goals,” said Frank Solis-Alvarez, project engineer. “No one really makes it entirely on their own.”

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