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Willmeng’s James Murphy Inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Alumni


What an incredible honor for Willmeng’s CEO and leader, James Murphy, to be inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Alumni for the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment (SSEBE). Last week, we were able to celebrate both James, and all of the other inductees, including the two new members of the Hall of Fame, Professors Edd Gibson and Sandy Houston. Alongside the other Academy of Distinguished Alumni inductees Dr. Edward Bouwer, Chidambaram Gnanasambanthan, Mark Kramer, and Paul Von Berg. This award has a legacy preceding him of some of the most impactful leaders in the industry, several of who James credits for their influence on his career and guidance through the years. This award reflects the power of relationships, and the strength of the education that the Del E Webb School of Construction has fostered.


The Academy of Distinguished Alumni is a prestigious organization that recognizes the accomplishments of graduates who have made significant contributions to their fields. James Murphy’s induction into the SSEBE Academy is a testament to his leadership and dedication to the construction industry. As the youngest inductee to receive this honor, James has set a high bar for future generations to strive towards.


James credits the education he received at the Del E Webb School of Construction, as well as the mentorship and guidance of influential leaders in the industry, for his success. This award reflects the power of relationships and the strength of the education that the SSEBE has fostered.


The recognition of James’s achievements and contributions to the industry is not only a great honor for him, but it is also a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Willmeng team. It is inspiring to see how the company’s commitment to sustainability and excellence has been reflected in James’s induction into the SSEBE Academy.


As Willmeng continues to grow and expand its services, James’s leadership will undoubtedly continue to be a driving force in the company’s success. Congratulations to James and the entire Willmeng team on this remarkable achievement!