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Willmeng Sponsors Red Mountain Little League’s Champion Team

Willmeng has a long-standing tradition of supporting youth sports. With a philosophy to always do more than their share, the company often steps up to the plate wherever and whenever backing is needed. In 2017, Willmeng served as a sponsor for Red Mountain Little League in Mesa, an organization of volunteers dedicated to youth through little league endorsed sports programs. For the little league’s Spring 2017 season, Red Mountain High School’s JV SB Field was referred to as the “Willmeng Construction Field.”

According to Murphy, the “Yankees,” had an amazing amount of talent by all standards, but lost early in a double elimination tournament. The group had to play six games over eight days, which stretched the team and the pitchers to their limits.

“The championship game will always be remembered as the night that Braeden’s hard work and perseverance delivered the clutch, game-tying hit that enabled our team to ultimately go on to claim the 2017 league title,” said Murphy. “The game before, our ace pitcher, Camden, who was ineligible to pitch due to pitch count rules, threw a kid out at home from center field to extend the game and allow us to play another game. Camden was eligible to pitch in the final game as a result which was also a key to our success.”

Murphy says that they may never again see a little league tournament with as much true drama. “It was priceless, and our boys coming out on top was just a bonus,” he said. “Our opponent, The Mets, were absolutely deserving of the title as well. The ball just bounced our way in the end with both teams competing at a very high level.”

The Yankees are a well-known, highly competitive, little league team in the East Valley that has been led by John Kirkland since inception. John has always insisted that the team prays before each and every game. Baseball fundamentals are taught and reinforced from beginning to end, but there is much more to what these kids are being taught.

Murphy joined the team as a coach three years ago, and says that the ability to coach, influence and impact youth in our community is an amazing opportunity that he has never taken for granted. “They think that we are here to teach them about baseball – teaching about the greater good, attitude, team play, hard work and how to handle the emotion and adversity of the game is why I enjoy coaching kids in any sport, on any level,” said Murphy with a smile. Over the years, Murphy has coached more than 50 kids in various coaching capacities.

The Red Mountain Little League was formed as an outlet of healthy activities and training for youth with great leadership and a wholesome, community participation atmosphere. Willmeng will be back in support of the league in the 2018 season to emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, and character again.

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