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Willmeng Teams Take on Ragnar Arizona Trail

Willmeng sponsored two teams to participate in the Ragnar Arizona Trail. The teams spent two days and one star-filled night out in the desert at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, running 121.6 cumulative miles of trail per team. Willmeng is proud of its adventurous team members which included, Tyler Lopes, Holly Bowers, Alex Anstey, Marquez Perez, Jake Addis, Jason Alvarado, Brian Alvarado, Josh Teates, Chris Brown, Parth Vijayvergiya, Mladen Zec, Jenn White, Liz Otto, Tres Warner, Travis Boothe and Robert Hedeen.

Don’t let the beautiful mountain views fool you, the trails included elevation, sandy terrain, and required runners to run throughout the odd hours of the night. The event was a phenomenal bonding experience and great mental toughness activity for our team; we expect to attend many more Ragnar runs in the near future. Huge thanks to the team captains, Holly Bowers and Jake Addis for organizing the event and Willmeng for funding this team-building challenge. View more photos from the Ragnar on our Facebook page.