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Our annual retreat includes several team activities and an internal company award ceremony. This special event allows for families and employees celebrate the biggest wins from the past year while giving out special recognition!
Our clients and employees see the difference in an invested leadership team that is able to make decisions in real-time to the benefit of their project. And our employees work in an environment where they are given the opportunity to shine and get promoted under the direct supervision of ownership.
We have an extensive wellness program that encourages our employees to eat healthy and participate in annual competitions with coworkers along with supporting them in achieving a variety of personal wellness goals.
Through a strategic and intentional approach to living out our core values, the result has been tremendous measures of recognition. Our awards reflect the accomplishment for clients, projects, our team and the community. Click here to view our awards
Willmeng employees are encouraged to work hard, have fun and serve and engage their community in a powerful way. Our team members regularly volunteer in the community, serve our industry and support causes they are passionate about.

A Culture of Safety

Willmeng is a contractor that enforces safety

Willmeng’s core values reinforce the safety philosophy of employees is of utmost importance, along with quality, production, and cost-control. Maintenance of safe operating procedures at all times is critical to Willmeng, the employee, and the community.

The following principles support this philosophy:

  • All injuries and accidents are preventable through establishment and compliance with safe work procedures.
  • The prevention of bodily injury and safeguarding of health are the first considerations in all workplace actions and are the responsibility of every employee at every level.
  • Written safety policies describing the safe work practices and procedures to be practiced in all workplace actions are an essential element of the overall workplace safety program.
Man hours worked with zero lost time accidents/injuries
Tolerance Safety Policy
% of Professionals OSHA Certified in the Field

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