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Become a Trusted Partner

As a Contractor that Cares, our success as a builder is only possible in partnership with the finest trade partners. By assembling the best teams for a specific project we are executing for our clients, we deliver a place of purpose and achieve an authentic team environment of success for everyone involved. Willmeng is committed to using only highly-qualified subcontractors and suppliers that share our team’s vision of Fair360, creating a win-win approach to accomplishing in the most challenging projects together.

Willmeng serves as an ally to our subcontractor community where open communication is encouraged, on-time payment is expected, and treating one another respectfully and fairly is the rule.

The cornerstone of our mutual partnership with subcontractors is safety and it is our obligation to make sure everyone on our jobsite is provided a safe environment. This means providing an environment where the safety is always top of mind and expectations are communicated through our dedicated Safety Director.

“I can say, without exception, every interaction I’ve had with anyone on the Willmeng team has been respectful and fair. We have the most interaction with the Project Management teams and the Superintendents. However, this has been true at every level from intern Ashley to President James Murphy. It is in every department from Jake in Accounting to Chris in estimating. Our Superintendents and Foremen have echoed this from the field. The Willmeng team is great to work with. They approach each project as a partner with a common goal. As a result, we’ve noticed the caliber of subcontractors on Willmeng projects tends to be higher.”  – Brian Vandenburgh, P.E.,  The Structures Group
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