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Q&A: Cody Phelan

CodyWhat professional accomplishment gives you the most pride and what makes it so rewarding?

Strategically working through a project and realizing the end result as a tangible product.

In commercial real estate, what is the most important element for making the perfect pitch or sealing the deal, and why is that element so critical to success? 

In my opinion past performance is critical to success, and that is true for every step of the process – from budgeting to scheduling to providing a quality product.  People work with those that they trust, which is developed over time.  

Provide a synopsis of your leadership role.

I have been involved in operations and construction management since I started my career. My role has developed into guiding and assisting individuals in creating their own identity in this business.  I share past experience and knowledge with my team to help Willmeng stay the best.   

What advice do you have for the next generation of leaders?

Keep things simple and instead of presenting problems, present solutions and ideas. This is a very challenging industry, so fully understanding situations will help eliminate some undue stress. Overreaction to any given situation tends to compound the challenge at hand.

What is your leadership philosophy?  

I have very high expectations for myself and I tend to hold those standards for those around me.  That being said, I am very open to people learning from their own experience. I am just here to lead by example.

What is your next big professional goal? 

To expand my leadership role at Willmeng Construction and help catapult our company to the next level!

What is your favorite leadership quote or saying and why? 

The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”  I find satisfaction in developing people and watching them achieve new accomplishments.

What fact about you would surprise people?

I have a degree in finance and I am fascinated and driven by numbers and charts. 

What is your next big personal goal? 

To help my wife raise three amazing children that are respectful and responsible.  Next I would like to travel the world. To this point, most of my travel has been limited to the US.  I enjoy learning about other places and cultures.

Describe a moment, turning point, or epiphany that made a difference in your life.

Realizing that in the working world there is not a hierarchy and that every role is equally important. To make things work, each aspect of business is aided by the needs of another.  Working alone or independently will never create the same result as working together.

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