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Willmeng Employees and Arizona Wildlife Enthusiasts Unite to Provide a Lifeline for Grand Canyon Wildlife

Arizona Wildlife

In the heart of the Grand Canyon, a remarkable story of community and conservation has unfolded, highlighting the power of collaboration and dedication to our planet’s fragile ecosystems. Several employees from Willmeng, along with subcontractors and passionate Arizona wildlife supporters, recently came together to embark on a mission of utmost importance: providing much-needed water to the diverse wildlife that call this iconic landscape home.

Led by Dan Bradford, the initiative, known as Wildlife Water Works, sought to build a new catchment system linked to an existing 16,000-gallon water storage tank. The objective was clear: create a sustainable water source for the wildlife in the region, ensuring their survival in an environment often characterized by extreme conditions.

What we did in Northern Arizona

Over a weekend, these volunteers dedicated their day off to constructing a 36’x50′ steel frame, meticulously outfitting it with sheet metal, plumbing, float, and valve systems. The catchment was thoughtfully designed to channel precious water resources from rain and runoff, utilizing a newly installed gutter system that directed water into a collection tub. This innovative approach ensures that wildlife can access clean, life-sustaining water even during the arid months when natural sources may run dry.

But the dedication of this remarkable team did not stop there. In addition to their exceptional work on the catchment system, they undertook the task of rejuvenating the surrounding landscape. Brush and trees were carefully trimmed to improve the area’s overall health, and an aging and potentially hazardous old barbed wire fence was replaced with nearly 600 feet of new, wildlife-friendly fencing.

The results of their efforts are not only tangible but also heartwarming. The Grand Canyon now boasts a state-of-the-art catchment system, providing a lifeline for its diverse wildlife population. Creatures ranging from majestic bighorn sheep to elusive desert foxes will have access to clean, reliable water throughout the year, thanks to the dedication of these compassionate individuals.

This endeavor reminds us that conservation is a collective responsibility. When organizations like Willmeng, driven employees, passionate supporters, and visionary leaders like Dan Bradford come together, remarkable transformations occur. This heartening story of unity, commitment, and love for the natural world should inspire us all to seek ways to give back to our environment and ensure a sustainable future for our planet and its incredible inhabitants.