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In honor of Women in Construction Week, Willmeng took a moment to share just a few of the female leaders who contribute to the success of our culture and projects. Radiating around each leader are a few of their favorite hobbies in icon form. It’s an honor to be able to recognize their dedicated efforts to the Willmeng team during this week. While this does not even come close to picturing all of the amazing women at work within Willmeng, we are thankful for the contributions of so many!

Miranda R. | ASsistant Project manager
“Ever since I was a young girl, my father has been a residential contractor. I grew up working with him and helping him whenever I could. When I got to college I realized that I could make it my career and receive a degree for it. I’m so glad I did! After 7 years of being in the industry, my favorite part is still being in a field where I can see actual progress each day. When the build is complete I look back on all the challenges and say, “Together we built that, despite any challenges we faced along the way.”
Renee H. | Project Engineer

“Building relationships with the field and earning the respect of others is truly the best feeling. At the end of each day, we are all here to work together and achieve the same goal. Being a positive light in the industry and at home has even inspired a few of my daughter’s friends to consider a career in construction when they grow up!”

Veronica D. | Senior Project Manager

“My entry into the construction industry came after meeting Dr. Bill Badger (School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment – Emeritus Professor). It was his infectious excitement that led me to pursue and fall in love with the career I have today at Willmeng. It’s my true passion to build and rally teams around a common goal each day.”

Shelley F. | Project Manager

“I believe women have a knack for detail and multi-tasking, bringing an air of empathy that can soften a jobsite. Being able to balance being firm and empathetic allows us to uniquely understand where our clients and trade partners are coming from so that all parties can move forward through difficult situations. My path to construction is atypical in as much as my degree is actually in English Literature & Communication. I started my career 13 years ago at a subcontracting business shortly after college; after almost a decade on the subcontractor side, I made the switch to Willmeng.”

Anna C. | Assistant Project Manager

“Growing up, my mom worked for a small residential construction firm in Wisconsin, who was subcontracted out by an insurance company to rebuild homes after fire, wind, or water damage. Starting when I was only 8 years old, I began to visit job sites with her during nights, weekends, and on breaks from school. My mom always said that she knew I’d end up in construction, even after I attended college to study business instead. She was right! I love watching buildings go-up and knowing our team had a part in making someone’s vision come to life.”

Utsavi P. | Project engineer

“I knew I wanted to get into the construction industry when I was in high school. I remember watching as our home was renovated and immediately became fascinated with the process and end-result. It was clear to me that I wanted to be a part of building and transforming spaces. While being a woman in this industry can feel like walking down a road less traveled, I am thankful and proud to offer my unique skills on every project and inspire other women to join the journey.”

Hanisha C. | Project engineer

“My fascination towards the field was influenced by the Frank Lloyd Wright philosophy of architecture which advocates for a minimalistic approach to design, and led me to taking up architecture during my undergraduate studies. Later, I developed an interest in the field of construction driven by the notion of executing on a clear vision. I love being able to see tangible progress on a job site every day and share in the excitement over each completed project. As I get further into my career, I look forward to bringing more diverse thoughts and ideas to the table.”

CEIRA D. | ASsistant Project manager

“About a year after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a failed attempt at copier sales, a trusted colleague of mine suggested that I apply my work ethic and drive pursuing a career in construction management. After completing my first project, I knew immediately that I was hooked on the excitement and never-ending supply of problem solving opportunities. It’s inspiring to see that times are changing in the construction industry with it becoming increasingly more common to see women working in a variety of roles in this field. Every day, each of us is pushing the needle on what can be done and how, making the work we do – truly empowering.”