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Willmeng named #1 Best Small Place to Work

#1 small place to work

1. Willmeng Construction

Local leader: James Murphy, president

Location: Phoenix

Employees: 80

Why do you think your company or organization was named a BPTW? Willmeng is a best place to work because of the company’s team culture. Leadership values employees at every level of the company, and works to ensure a joyful atmosphere that celebrate success, individuals and family as often as possible. President James Murphy leads with vision, focus, commitment to clients, and an understanding that the best outcome is achieved when surrounded by an experienced and proactive team that is also driven to succeed.

What drives you to create a unique corporate culture? Willmeng invests in aspects that create a thriving and unique company culture because happy, productive, well-fit employees lead to satisfied clients. Willmeng’s goal is to create lasting industry relationships. The value of “doing more than your share” is reflected in the work ethic of each employee.

How do employees drive your corporate culture? First, employees offer regular feedback to leadership through culture assessments, which influence the decisions and operations of the firm. Second, Willmeng’s emphasis on the importance of community involvement is a main factor in team members’ deep bonds with one another. The company’s blog-style website showcases more than 40 posts that highlight team involvement at community related events. Third, Willmeng puts the health of employees and of their families as a priority. Last, the incredible work of each employee drives company culture. This is made evident at the firm’s annual retreat where employees are recognized and appreciated for their work in the industry as well as the community.

What is the one perk that you believe exemplifies a Best Place to Work? An annual, all-expenses-paid, mid-year retreat in Northern Arizona. All employees and their families are invited to a two-day trip full of horseback riding, fishing, games and employee recognition. Willmeng hosts an award ceremony and events throughout the weekend for adults. Children have activities and entertainment of their own.

What does it mean to achieve Best Places to Work status? To Willmeng, achieving Best Place to Work status means that our employees love our company and want us to do well because they believe in our values and what we’re all about. Being a Best Place to Work is formal recognition that we’re doing it right.

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